Parish Council response to Babergh Local Plan Consultation see uploads

Temporary Road Closure - Grove Road, Bentley (6-10 November)

Suffolk County Council intends to make an order closing the U4205 Grove Road, Bentley, outside Plot 1, The Old Bentley Store to facilitate a new gas connection. Other co-ordinated works may also take place during this period. Enquiries should be made to Simon Herbert of Cadent Gas Triio, Telephone 03301 596140. Email

Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB Town and Parishes AONB September Update 

This month the newsletter looks at a Celebration of Oustanding Landscapes; Great British Beach Clean 2017; proposals for power cables to be placed underground on the Shotley Peninsula and the 'Suffolk Secrets Fund.' To view update click here.

Bentley Parish Council Accounts (9 months to 29 December 2016). To view click here.

Refuse Collection 2017

To view the full 2017 Babergh waste and recycling calendar click here.

Royal Mail Post Box decommissioned

The wall mounted post box located just east of the junction of Station Road and Grove Road has been sealed, and is to be permanently removed by Royal Mail, at the landowner’s request. Royal Mail intends to install a new replacement post box nearby. Until now the Parish Council had been unaware of the intentions of the property owner and Royal Mail regarding the decommissioning of the post box. The Parish Council has contacted Royal Mail to explore if the old box can be re-sited. In any event the Parish Council will be pressing to have a post box located as near as practicable to the current one. The nearest alternative post boxes are located at: Hall Cottages, Bentley IP9 2LP; Bentley Station House IP9 2DB; Falstaff Manor, Bentley IP9 2BU; and Hazel Shrub, Bentley IP9 2DG. [22/10/16]

Accounts April to June 2016 click here. 


Bentley Parish Council - Annual Returns - Year ending 31 March 2016. Click here to view accounts.

Bentley Parish Council - Receipts and Payments - Year ending 31 March 2016. Click here to view receipts and payments.

Network Rail Plans To Close Level Crossings

A letter has been received from Suffolk County Council regarding a review and potential closure of level crossings in Suffolk. To view letter from SCC click here . The letter encloses information from Netwrok Rail detailing a first round of public consultations and exhibitions in June 2016. Councillor workshops and a second round of public consultations will be held in September 2016. After applications are submitted to The Secretary of State for Transport in March 2017 a public enquiry will be held between November 2017 and January 2018. The Department of Transport is expected to make a decision announcement on closures in February/March 2018. To read information from Netwrok Rail click here.

Fire and Rescue Plan.

A letter to Town and Parish Councils from Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service regarding its Integrated Risk Management Plan 2015-18, outlining recommendations. To view letter click here



Misuse of Public Rights of Way

At the Parish Council meeting on 4 February 2016 it was reported by the footpaths warden that there was evidence that motorcycles had been ridden on some of the village's footpaths, causing the paths to cut up and develop deep ruts, made worse by the recent wet weather. The Parish Council appreciates that the vast majority of people who make use of our Parish footpaths and byways, cherish them and treat them with respect. However, the Council would like to remind the few individuals who abuse these amenities: it is illegal to ride motorcycles on footpaths, except on 'Byways open to all traffic.' If you see motorcycles being ridden on footpaths, the Council would encourage you to inform the police on the non-emergency number 101 or email the footpaths warden (email footpaths warden here) or, Parish Council Clerk (email Clerk here).

There are four categories of public right of way:

  • Public footpath – The public has a right to pass and repass on foot with normal accompaniment such as a pram, a wheelchair or with a dog.
  • Bridleway – The public has a right to pass and repass on foot, on horseback and on a pedal cycle.
  • Restricted byway – The public has a right of way on foot, on a pedal cycle, on horseback or leading a horse, or with a horse drawn vehicle. Restricted byways do not carry public rights for motor vehicles. (All RUPPs were reclassified as restricted byways under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000).
  • Byway open to all traffic (BOAT) - The public has the right to pass and repass on foot, on a pedal cycle, on horseback, or with a vehicle (horse drawn or motorised) but the route is mainly used by pedestrians, pedal cyclists and/or horses.

 For more information please visit

Bentley Allotments

The Parish Council is to review whether residents wish for, or would make use of allotments, if provided for the village. The Council has a duty to undertake provision for allotments if a demand is established within the Parish. If allotments were available and you would make use of one, please contact the Parish Clerk - Joy Scott (click here to email), before the end of May 2016. Please note, there is no intention to site allotments at the previously proposed location at the rear of Highfields.

Petition for Improved Mobile Phone Signals

South Suffolk MP James Cartlidge is petitioning central government to improve mobile phone signals in rural parts of the county. Please read his letter. (click here for letter) He is inviting Parishioners to add their names to the petition to encourage more investment in local mobile communications networks. Copies of the petition may be found in the Village Hall and the Case is Altered pub. Alternatively, you may print off your own petition form here. (Click for printable petition).

Bank Fraud Warning

Suffolk Constabulary is warning residents of the County to be on their guard against telephone fraudsters who are after your bank account and card details. They advise that neither banks nor police will ever ask for your PIN number over the telephone and if someone purporting to represent the police or a bank asks you for this information, hang up and call the police on 101 to report the suspected fraud.

Affordable Housing Needs Survey: An executive summary of The Affordable Housing Needs Survey, carried out with support from Community Action Suffolk is available in PDF format. See left hand column of this page.






Help with HOUSEHOLD FUEL ECONOMY: from Suffolk Energy Action: Grants are available to help with insulation, particularly on older properties, replacement of inefficient boilers (particularly cost effective if your boiler is over 15 years old), and you can apply for a home energy assessment. Ring 0800 840 9090 contact via website Suffolk Energy Action

Ash Die-back (Chalaria) - current Forestry Commission advice see Ash die-back advice or click on this link for further information

Get fit! - Don't forget East Bergolt High School Sports Centre, which offers remarkable value for individual and family memberships; see eastbergholtsportscentre