A 'Quiet Lane' is a narrow, rural road with no footpaths that is shared by both motorised and non-motorised users such as walkers, horseriders and cyclists.

Once a 'Quiet Lane' is designated as such by the highway authority, signs are installed to indicate the start and end of each 'lane'. The sign is included in the Highway Code and indicates to drivers that other more vulnerable users may be using the road. The guidance in the Highway Code to drivers is - 'You should drive slowly and  carefully and be prepared to stop to allow people extra time to make space for you to pass them in safety'.

We hope these signs will encourage motorists to drive with more caution and provide recognition that these lanes are used for non-motorised travel and that drivers should expect to consider the needs of walkers, cyclists, and horse riders.

As part of a local public consultation, all Bentley residents and businesses received a leaflet briefly outlining the Quiet Lanes proposals for the village, as part of our Neighbourhood Plan (see Chapter 10 - Development of Infrastructure and Services).

The Quiet Lanes are:

Bentley Hall Road - C456 - to Church Road junction

Church Road - C425 - From The Cottage, Church Road to the A137 intersection

Grove Road/Hazel Shrub - U4205 - End point in Grove Road by The Old Forge

Bergholt Road/East End Road - C424 -From Martin's Glen, Bergholt Road to Manor Farm East End Road (in partnership with East Bergholt PC)

A summary map of the Quiet Lanes

Summary map of proposed Quiet Lanes

Following the public consultation including a public meeting in November 2020, the Parish Council voted to proceed with the proposals as a large majority of residents who commented on the proposals were in favour.

Suffolk County Council published a legal notice of their intention to designate these lanes in Bentley and East Bergholt in February 2021 at which time the public had another opportunity to make representations to Suffolk County Council. In March 2022, Suffolk County Council approved all the proposed lanes and signage is now installed.

Bentley is one of approximately 127 parishes across Suffolk who have proposed to designate over 300 miles of Quiet Lanes.  For more details about this county wide Quiet Lanes project see the Quiet Lanes Suffolk website and Facebook page.